DiaSecure Diabetic System (Pack of 6)

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DiaSecure Diabetic System (Pack of 6)

The DiaSecure system is a simple, safe and durable 4 in 1 diabetes management travel system

It is a practical aid for insulin-dependent diabetics who take their insulin injection with an insulin pen

DiaSecure ensures that you meet your daily needs by always having insulin, pen needles and tablets at hand and it reliably takes care of used needles so that they are not used improperly

Key Features

  • This pack contains 6 different systems with various colours
  • Thanks to the attached clip, you can attach DiaSecure to your bag or handbag so that your hands remain free
  • DiaSecure guarantees freedom of movement, flexibility and security
  • Available in a number of different colours which can be found here
  • All major brands of Insulin Pens fits perfectly well in DiaSecure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made of food graded polypropylene & machine washable
  • Please Note: Insulin pen, syringes and pills are not included

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